Cooking can be quick and easy, and good and kosher. And all at the same time as Danit Schusterman shows us how in Maui Kosher. Danit has been preparing sumptuous dishes for her family, friends, and guests ever since she arrived on Maui in 2005 with her husband, Sholom, to open The Maui Mitzvah Center, a Chabad house.

Since then, Danit has served thousands of Shabbat Friday evening, holiday and other special meals at her Upcountry Maui home. Because her family and community responsibilities always make her pressed for time to prepare for a full table, including the many unannounced and late show guests, she has over the years perfected easy to prepare and easy to make recipes. Surprised and delighted by the wide variety of tastes and lavishness of the dishes presented, her guests always ask, Where’s the cookbook? So here it is over 135 easy to make kosher recipes emphasizing fresh produce whenever possible.

If you are lucky to live on Maui, you can use the best fruit, vegetables, and fish found anywhere. Your palate will be enticed by appetizers like Sushi Salad and Sweet Hana Carrot Soup, and entrees like Sweet Maui Onion Rice with Grilled Ahi Teriyaki or Pepper Steak with Mango and desserts like Maui Gold Pineapple Mint Sorbet and Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies. And of course Challah, the traditional bread for Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Author: Danit Schusterman