Surfing, paddling, snorkeling, and even just old-fashioned beach going and basking in the sun-it’s all here in this amazing photo excursion of Maui’s surrounding waters and shorelines. Best known for its verdant valleys, tropical rainforests, and majestic mountains, here is the other Maui that more and more people are coming to know and the new reason for visiting this exciting and fascinating gem of an island.

On a single day the ocean choices are unlimited-from swimming or playing in the water, to exploring the sea below, to a high energy sport like surfing.

The Maui of the ocean lover and beach goer is brought vividly alive by Maui’s best photographers. Their rich images reveal and capture the Island’s waters and show why close to two million visitors each year from all over the world choose Maui as a destination.

Photographer: Douglas Peebles