Hawaii’s break-through novelist, Chris McKinney, has written a fourth novel that continues to delve deep into the heart of Hawaiis dark side. In Mililani Mauka, the lives of two families, the Motts and the Krills, come together as they try to keep afloat in a changing Honolulu, a city with growing suburbs and homeless camps. The Motts, new home owners in one of suburban Mililanis fastest growing enclaves, crave the American Dream while the Krills, now homeless in Waianae, are nearly destroyed by it. The fate of both families collide as Banyan Mott searches for answers after his new house becomes haunted by its previous owner, and Kai Krill fights to get out from under the tent and off the beach. As their story unfolds, Kais son, Josh, has to deal with why his father snapped, which in the end enables him to discover what it is to be a real man.

Author: Chris McKinney