Molokai known as the “friendly isle” is considered the most Hawaiian of all the islands in the archipelago. It’s a place where the aloha spirit is not just an idea, but a way of life. Here, the real Hawaii, the old Hawaii, still lives on. Molokai is also an island where the splendor of a tropical paradise endures pure and relatively untouched, abounding with natural beauty, small town coziness, and intriguing history. Molokai: Images of the Friendly Isle captures all aspects of this quiet island from the earthy tones of flourishing farmlands to the sparkling blue of adjacent ocean waters and the fiery crimsons of gorgeous sunsets. Find images of Papohaku Beach, Kaunakakai, Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove, Iliiliopae Heiau, Moaula Falls, Halawa Valley and Kalaupapa. Quaint, peaceful, timeless, yesterday’s Molokai is still here today for all to experience.

Photographer: Douglas Peebles