Did you know that many of Oahu’s best beaches are easily reached by public rights of way? Do you want to explore Oahu’s vistas and water playgrounds beyond Waikiki, but aren’t sure where to go and whether they are accessible?

Oahu Beach Access unlocks access to the island’s priceless panoramas and beach parks by detailing the location of its 89 Public Rights of Way. Here are the beaches that cover every interest sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, picnicking, fishing, surfing, and more.

Organized by twelve coastline sections of the island, details on directions, parking, marine life, and restroom availability are presented in a reader-friendly format. A convenient activities table is provided for easy reference, along with simple maps and color photos for each beach access. Each chapter includes some local history and colorful anecdotes about the locale. 

Enrich and enhance your Oahu beach experience. Take the Public Rights of Way and exercise your right to an adventure. Venture off the beaten path and explore the beach wonders that make Oahu special.

Authors: Katherine Garner and Carol Kettner