Poke, Hawai‘i’s favorite food has taken off. It is sold, served, and savored everywhere—in bustling fish markets, in humble plate lunch places, at weekend picnics, at family gatherings, and at restaurants both in Hawai‘i and the continental U.S. With over 140 recipes, including contributions from his friends, Sam Choy demonstrates the amazing versatility of this bite-size food. He begins with traditional poke dishes, then proceeds to recipes influenced by the flavors and seasonings brought to Hawai‘i by Asian newcomers, then to dishes patterned after ceviche, carpaccio, tartare, and other preparations of raw fish. There is even (slightly) cooked poke, including Sam’s original fried poke recipe and the new wave of poke dishes that Sam and his fellow chefs have created to take poke to unprecedented culinary heights. 

Author: Chef Sam Choy