Sam Choy’s Aloha Cuisine matches and blends recipes that define Chef Sam Choy’s popular Hawaii Regional Style cooking. Sam’s cuisine is rooted in the multiethnic soul of the islands reflecting a melding of East and West, with distinctive Polynesian flourishes and some highly innovative twists. His recipes reflect a culinary style based on simplicity, surprises, and making opposite flavors attract and work together.

The over 80 recipes, ranging from simple preparations like poke, an addictive, delicious raw seafood appetizer, to elaborate dishes like New Wave Marinated Ahi Salad, will dazzle the table and palate at your next dinner party.

Most recipes are illustrated to show how the dish can presented. Sam’s culinary philosophy is that food must look good through blending colors, sizes, and shapes so that it becomes memorable.

All the recipes use readily available ingredients. Substitutes are indicated and a glossary helps define local ingredients.

Here is Hawaii Regional Cuisine at its best by one of its master original founders. Aloha Cuisine is the ideal gift to send to islanders living away from home or take back with you to share Hawaii’s new wave of cooking.