The third addition to Mutual Publishing’s inspirational line, Surfing is a collection of over 30 universal quotes and inspirational proverbs accompanied by over 35 vintage photographs which present a nostalgic portrait of Hawaii’s favorite sport. Surfing today is known and enjoyed around the world. In ancient times, surfing was a favorite pastime of all the people, but it was the men and women of the ali‘i class who perfected the art of riding waves. Their feats are celebrated in ancient chants and legends. The Hawaiian name for surfing is he‘e nalu, a name that contains the poetic nuance that typifies the Hawaiian language. The first word he‘e can mean to run or flow, like liquid, to slip or glide along. Nalu, or wave, implies the surging rolling motionof the ocean. Put the two together and you have he‘e nalu, wave sliding – or surfing.