Join the Woo family of Shar-Pei dogs as they travel from their home in Hawai‘i to visit their relatives in a faraway wrinkled land! The four wrinkled puppies are worried about going away from home and wonder how the lives of their relatives will be different from their own. Things in the wrinkled land are very different, but they soon learn how fun it is to live in wrinkled houses, eat wrinkled food and sleep in wrinkled beds. As their visit progresses, the puppies realize the differences in the strange land only make it more special, and that facing their fears can help them learn new things about themselves. The puppies have tons of fun while creating happy memories to bring home to Hawai‘i. This re-release of the best-selling children’s book features a unique sueded cover that feels like the fur of a Shar-Pei.

Author: Lois R. Czarnecki

Illustrator: Laura Almada