Presented in both English and Hawaiian, it’s the story of ‘Iliouakaua-the fierce and terrible Storm Dog-that races across the ocean along the shores of Ka’a’awa. With a great growl of thunder, lightning flashing from his eyes, and rain spinning from his shaking fur, the Storm Dog attacks the island. He bites the ridges and claws at the mountainside forcing Hi’iaka, goddess of forests, and prince Kauhi to seek shelter. When they emerge from their cave after the Storm Dog retreats, they find that the land and their lives have changed…

In words as breathtaking as the storm itself, Auntie U’i retells the classic Hawaiian legend of the Storm Dog, whose shadow can still be seen today, cut into the Ko’olau Mountains above Kahana Bay. Local artist Roy Chang captures the story with his vivid pastel drawings, and David Del Rocco lends his expertise in the Hawaiian language so the legend may be read in its native tongue.

Author: U’i Goldsberry

Illustrator: Roy Chang

Translation to Hawaiian: David Del Rocco