The question is always asked when hosting guests or traveling: What do Maui folks like to eat? And here is the answer. Over one hundred and forty of them! Each exciting, scrumptious, appetizing, and all Maui! Tylun Pang, assisted by friends and colleagues, has assembled over 140 recipes that reflect contemporary Maui?s unique culinary heritage, showcasing fresh local ingredients. Impress your household and guests with dishes like Coconut Curry Haleakala Ranch Chops with Mango Salsa, Poha Berry Ginger Thumbprint Cookies, and the Hamburger Steak with Kula Onion Gravy is sure to satisfy even the hungriest people in your family. As a special treat, Maui foodie Gail Ainsworth has gathered favorite community recipes, including some old time Maui favorites still enjoyed today. The recipes represent the breadth of the tastes and histories of Maui residents. Some very familiar, some are avant garde, but each one is a part of Maui’s rich culinary tradition. Spend time thumbing through the recipes as well as preparing and serving them. Enjoy the accompanying selection of nostalgic photos, vignettes, and visits to gone by restaurants and farms. In What Maui Likes to Eat, you will discover what and why Mauians love to eat and you will always be able to answer the question.


Plantation-Inspired Cuisine

  • Zarzuela
  • Pancit Noodles
  • Miso Soup with Anuhea Farms Asparagus
  • Lobster Tempura
  • Portuguese Sweet Bread
  • Korean-Style Spicy Chicken
  • Chicken and Shiitake Mushroom Lumpia
  • Chop Chop Chicke