• Hawaii's culinary treasures, secrets, and family specialties direct from the original sources—our great grandparents, parents, aunties, uncles, and cousins—presented in a kaleidoscope of Island favorites covering all ethnic backgrounds.
  • The moon is full and shining on a mango tree heavy with fruit. Beneath its leaves sits a little blue house, and beneath its eaves, sits little Anuenue and her mama. On magical Hawaiian nights such as this, thoughts take flight.
  • A fun, colorful board book celebrating most toddler?s favorite food?noodles. And Hawaii has lots of different types of noodles a toddler can feast on: yakisoba, pancit, ramen, pad thai, chow fun, fettuccine, and more!
  • Just like in the popular song ?Wheels on the Bus,? here in Hawai?i the wheels on the bike go round and round.
  • It?s the 12 Days of Christmas gecko-style. Geckos come bearing gifts of aloha?honking nene, bowls of chili-rice, slippers, tiki torches, and more. Only in Hawai?i do these crazy geckos the holidays more fun.
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    Gathered together in this handy volume are recipes for dips, dressings, jams, butters, chutneys, salsa, marinades, rubs, and much, much more.