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  • Ashley Dougherty, Hawaii's Coupon Queen, teaches couponers in Hawaii how to live frugally in paradise with her website, HawaiiShopaolics.com. This book was created to compliment her site and help...
  • Ikau's quest continues. He is still living in the park, watching the prowlings of a magy cat, getting caught up in a swarm of golden butterflies, sleeping under a bridge, having flying dreams.
  • Hawaii's break-through novelist, Chris McKinney, has written a fourth novel that continues to delve deep into the heart of Hawaiis dark side.
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    Based on the classic song "Over in the Meadow," children will love to learn counting one to ten while learning more about the Hawaiian Islands. Children will relate to the mimicing between the mother and child animals in the book. Each Hawaiian island is
  • In this compelling, reflective, and sometimes humorous memoir, the son of a dark-skinned, tough-as-nails Hawaiian father and frantic, no-nonsense Hawaiian mother is born with red hair. Rudolph Puana grows up in hardscrabble Kahaluu, Oahu...
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    The Bone Hook is the late Ian MacMillan's third Hawaii novel and is published posthumously. Ian passed away--too soon--in 2008.
  • A story of 1950s Hawaii.