/5 x 6in

  • Based on the popular children's song, Baby Shark, this version is purely Hawai‘i with an Auntie, Uncle, and Tutu watching over baby shark as they explore the ocean and make friends with a humuhumu.

  • This humorous board book introduces keiki to some of Hawai‘i’s most well-known and interesting animals and allows them to imagine with the main character—what kind of pet would I get?

  • Across the islands it's go, go, go! All kinds of vehicles big and small make their way through tunnels, over bridges, along beaches, and past pali. Parents and toddlers are sure to enjoy identifying all the busy vehicles rolling across our islands.

  • Water flows around and across the islands. All kinds of watercraft big and small sail on the deep sea, in smiling bays, down rivers, and past beaches. Parents and toddlers are sure to enjoy identifying all the busy ships, boats, and more gracing our islands’ waters.

  • Any day of the week, you're sure to see many types of dogs playing on Hawaii's beaches—swimming, running, digging, and enjoying a sunny Hawaiian day. If your little one loves dogs (and the beach) this is the book for you!
  • Follow these carefree, little surfers as they head out to catch some waves and count down from ten to one.
  • Hiiaka, Pele's sister and the patron goddess of Hawaii and hula, saves the people of Waipi‘o Valley from a powerful, destructive wind that is blowing away houses, plants, and trees. Using her lighting pa‘u (skirt), she battles the great wind and summons rain, lightning, and thunder to diminish the wind and force him into a cave where he remains to this day.
  • Maui Slows the Sun tells the story of how young Maui helped the people of Hawai'i by slowing the sun's journey across the sky so that daily chores could be finished before dark.
  • Maui Hooks the islands tells the story of how young Maui helped create the islands of Hawai'i using his wits, strength, and a little bit of magic.
  • There's no better time to feed child's curiosity about language, math, cultures, and the natural world around them.
  • Pele is Hawaii's beloved fire goddess. This story follows Pele as she searches for a home. Along with her little white dog, she travels across the islands and finds many beautiful places, but none of them are the perfect fit. So Pele creates her own home
  • A Potty Book for Hawai'i's Kids
  • Baby?s Book of Firsts in Hawai?i celebrates the important milestones baby experiences with wonder and aloha.
  • A story about sharing every day of the week in Hawai'i
  • Naupaka

    The Naupaka legend tells the story of why this native shrub, found both in the mountains and by the sea, blooms just half a flower, It is a story of love, jealousy, and separation and has inspired hula practitioners, songwriters, and storytellers.
  • Hina

    Part of a new series called Hawaiian Legends for Little Ones, Hina introduces kids ages 0-4 to one of Hawai?i?s best-known dieties, the goddess of the moon.