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  • A Potty Book for Hawai'i's Kids
  • Baby?s Book of Firsts in Hawai?i celebrates the important milestones baby experiences with wonder and aloha.
  • Any day of the week, you're sure to see many types of dogs playing on Hawaii's beaches—swimming, running, digging, and enjoying a sunny Hawaiian day. If your little one loves dogs (and the beach) this is the book for you!
  • Hiiaka, Pele's sister and the patron goddess of Hawaii and hula, saves the people of Waipi‘o Valley from a powerful, destructive wind that is blowing away houses, plants, and trees. Using her lighting pa‘u (skirt), she battles the great wind and summons rain, lightning, and thunder to diminish the wind and force him into a cave where he remains to this day.
  • Hina

    Part of a new series called Hawaiian Legends for Little Ones, Hina introduces kids ages 0-4 to one of Hawai?i?s best-known dieties, the goddess of the moon.