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  • Join us at a hukilau in Hawai?i! Let?s cast our net into the sea and watch what we catch?instead of catching Butterflyfish or a Rainbow wrasse, we catch the entire alphabet from A to Z!
  • Join gecko on his adventurous Hawaiian day after he gets shooed out of his house, almost gets stepped on by hula dancers, meets an angry mouse, tastes some 'ono plate lunch, says hi to a sea turtle, and visits with friends before returning to his house fo
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    It's time to go to the zoo! Every child loves going to the zoo -especially in Hawaii where you can walk through colorful Waikiki, wave at lifeguards and surfers, and see Duke's statue along the way. Join one local family and spend a beautiful Hawaiian day
  • Here?s a colorful and fun introduction to everyday Hawaiian words for kids of any age.
  • ?The Strong family is poor,? teased the neighborhood boys. Eight year old Austin and his family have just arrived in the Hawaiian Kingdom. Here, goldfish swim in the horse troughs of the wealthy. But not in the Strong?s trough.
  • Lily is a playful young girl who loves her Tutu and Papa. On this beautiful day in Hawaii, Lily learns how to make her Tutu’s famous banana bread and, in the process, discovers some of the benefits and challenges of growing up.