All the whales are happy doing the traditional whale dances (pectoral slaps and spy hops) and singing the traditional whale songs (“eeeyuuuuuuu…uuuummmmmmmm…eeeyuuuuuuuu…uuuuummmmmmm”). All except Kaleo and Lani. Kaleo wants to discover a brand new song, one that will make him famous. Lani dreams about finding a new dance, one she can be excited about. They both discover something spectacular on the beach: hula. Dancers are swaying their hips and moving their arms as gracefully as the ocean waves; musicians are singing a beautiful song about pearly shells from the sea! Can whales dance the hula, or learn to sing? Find out by reading this delightful and funny story written by Laurie Ide and illustrated by Jeff Pagay.

Author: Laurie Shimizu Ide