Here is a collection of Hawaii’s most popular and unique pineapple recipes. Passed from friend to friend these are the recipes created by local families using the Island’s most popular fruit. Gone is the reconception that pineapple is only for garnishing ham or pizza – these recipes show that the pineapple is more than versatile – it makes cooking fun again. Let the flavors and your imagination soar; pineapple is refreshing, juicy, tart, and when combined with other ingredients, turns an ordinary meal into a memorable one.

The pineapple was likely introduced by Spanish sailors in the sixteenth century. Hawaiians called it hala kahiki—hala after the prickly fruit of the hala tree; kahiki meaning “foreign country.”

In 1882, the “Father of the Pineapple,” James Kidwell, began experimenting with several varieties. In 1901, James Dole formed the Hawaiian Pineapple Company. By 1950, more than half of the world’s pineapple came from Hawaii.

While pineapple export is no longer a major business in the Aloha State, this honorary native of Hawaii has left a strong mark on local cuisine and will forever be thought of as a symbol of Hawaii.

So go on, spice up special gatherings with frosty pineapple margaritas and homemade pineapple sorbet. Impress your friends with a pineapple-mango salsa or curried-pineapple turkey salad. 

All of these recipes have an island flavor, and many are so easy to make, even the busiest person can throw them together.

Rediscover the juicy taste of pineapple and see the many ways it can liven your everyday meals. Create exciitng salsas and chutneys as well as varieties of sweet and sour sauces; discover how delicious a pairing pineapple and fish make and cool off with a wide variety of tropical drinks.

Whether you like pineapples or just plain love them, these recipes will liven your senses and make cooking fun again.


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